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...The Jews, I believe, are the world champions at longing...

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Diaspora Israel Day

Celebrating Jewish Peoplehood on the 7th of Cheshvan November 5th 2019

If I would ask a Jewish person today, what is the meaning of the date 7th of Cheshvan, I imagine he would scratched his head in confusion. The 7th of Cheshvan is a rather insignificant date in the Jewish calendar, in which the blessing of the years of T'filat Amidah is changed, and a plea for rain is added. Yet, the reason for changing the blessing, specifically in this date, gives this day a special and festive meaning.

This week's Torah Portion -
By Reuven Marko
IMPJ's Immediate-Past Chair and Co-Chair of the International Advisory Council

in the IMPJ, we dreamt many dreams – some together – some by ourselves – and some we combined into a joint dream. These are not dreams of just climbing a ladder all the way to the top and forgetting to descended it to the everyday reality of life. Rather, we climbed the ladder, had our dream planned, and then descended into the reality of Israel which is multi-faceted and challenging.

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