Bamidbar - weekly Torah portion

One hundred and fifteen years ago, in 1902, Noah Rosenblum wrote his poem “Carry to Zion a Flag and a Standard” (my free translation, also of a part of the poem itself as follows). With the enthusiasm of pre-world war I and II he calls: Carry to Zion a Flag and a Standard The Flag of the camp of Judah By vehicle or by foot Let us become a union. To the land of our Fathers To our beloved land The cradle of our youth. Return, return from afar, To the Land, land of Fathers! Flee, flee from troubles With the help of God. We shall go together, please return We shall then be a People as we were, Putting a stake in the ground. Our mouth will then fill only with laughter And our tongue with gladness

Emor - weekly Torah portion

The concept “there shall be one law for you; it shall be for the stranger as well as the native” appears not only in this week’s portion of the Torah but also in many other places. It is repeated again and again as a fundamental pillar of Jewish law. A law that has its roots in the deep memory of being strangers in a foreign land, the land of Egypt where law was not equally applied upon the native and the stranger. This inequality of the application of the law was so clear and so unjust that it has become a symbol of everything that we should not be. “There shall be one law for you” says first and foremost that all citizens, and in biblical terms these are the Israelites, shall have a law th

Achary Mot, Kedoshim - weekly Torah portion

At the beginning of this week we celebrated the 69th Intendance Day of the State of Israel. We have returned to the land the Jews have yearned for over many generations. Much longer than the forty years of dwelling in the desert by the Israelites on their way towards the Promised Land. This time we read, “When you enter the land…”, that is, what the Israelites have to do once entering the Promised Land. “plant all kinds of trees for food”, a command which has certainly been fulfilled. Then, when reading further in the text, we find, “When a stranger resides with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong. The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as the native among you, and you sh

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