VaYikra- weekly Torah portion

This Shabbat we read the first portion from the book of Leviticus, burning through one offering after another, one sacrifice following yet another. “Speak to the sons of Israel, saying, ‘If a person sins unintentionally in any of the things which the Lord has commanded not to be done, and commits any of them’”. Much details is provided as to what needs to be done “ if the anointed priest sins”, and what should be done “if the whole congregation of Israel commits error and the matter escapes the notice of the assembly”, what happens when “a leader sins and unintentionally does any one of all the things which the Lord his God has commanded not to be done, and he becomes guilty”, and also what

VaYakhel-Pekuday- weekly Torah portion

We are just about to finish the book of Exodus, reading the last two portions of the Torah reading. The work on the Mishkan, the Tabernacle, is drawing to an end, and Moses provides a detailed account of the income and expenditure of that project. He reports that, “All the gold that was used for the work, in all the work of the sanctuary, even the gold of the wave offering, was 29 talents and 730 shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary. The silver of those of the congregation who were numbered was 100 talents and 1,775 shekels… The bronze of the wave offering was 70 talents and 2,400 shekels.” As if this is not enough Moses continues to provide additional detail, “The hundred talen


In the very many years I got to speak in my “Natan Ya” home congregation, and other congregations, I always refrained from doing so on Purim. Recently the editor of the book I am working on, Rabbi Efrat Rotem, asked me for the reason of doing so. I responded that I had some unresolved issues with Purim that make it difficult for me to speak about it. It is very much unlike Passover which I am pleased to speak about over and over again, and to which I feel attached to by heart and soul. This is not the case with Purim. Rabbi Rotem suggested that I find a way of preparing an address for Purim and my approach to it. So I read the Megillah yet one more time; the words remained the same but the a

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