Ki Tavo- weekly Torah portion

This week’s portion of the Torah begins with, “Then it shall be, when you enter the land which the Lord your God gives you as an inheritance, and you possess it and live in it” after which we are required twice to remember the fact that we have received a place which is good. First, “He has brought us to this place and has given us this land, a land flowing with milk and honey.’ and then, “Look down from Your holy habitation, from heaven, and bless Your people Israel, and the ground which You have given us, a land flowing with milk and honey, as You swore to our fathers.” Some may falsely think that this means that people will not have to do anything to make that happen, which is not the cas

Ki Teitzei- weekly Torah portion

It is difficult to forget the call “Remember what Amalek did to you along the way when you came out from Egypt, how he met you along the way and attacked among you all the stragglers at your rear when you were faint and weary; and he did not fear God. Therefore it shall come about when the Lord your God has given you rest from all your surrounding enemies, in the land which the Lord your God gives you as an inheritance to possess, you shall blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven; you must not forget.” A terrible, relentless and unforgiving demand to take revenge when the opportunity comes. However, in this same portion of the Torah we also find some words which are completely differ

Shoftim- weekly Torah portion

There is nothing new about it – I almost always start writing my Dvar at some time around midnight between Thursday and Friday of almost every week. I must admit I had no intention of writing yet once more about the phrase “Pursue Justice, Justice”. Rabbi Nof wrote about and you can read his interesting thoughts at this link. I have surely had the opportunity over the years to speak several times about it – what new can I possibly add?! Well, in parallel to getting ready to start my writing I received an e-mail from a client who had several questions about our engagement letter. He wanted some clarifications which I of course was happy to provide. He responded a few moments later that “it wa

Re'eh- weekly Torah portion

“See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse: the blessing, if you listen to the commandments of the Lord your God, which I am commanding you today; and the curse, if you do not listen to the commandments of the Lord your God, but turn aside from the way which I am commanding you today, by following other gods which you have not known.” We find three important actions when dealing with the blessing and the curse, seeing, listening, and walking (the walking part got somewhat lost in the translation of the bible where ללכת is translated into ‘following’). These three actions are actually connected and one cannot do without the other. So as to comprehend the blessing and the curse

Ekev- weekly Torah portion

The Promised Land is described in this week’s portion of the Torah as a land that has the best of everything, “a land of wheat and barley, of vines and fig trees and pomegranates, a land of olive oil and honey; a land where you will eat food without scarcity, in which you will not lack anything… When you have eaten and are satisfied, you shall bless the Lord your God for the good land which He has given you.” Still there is some worry in all of this especially when so much good is promised to human beings, there is a fear that they will forget, a concern that “when you have eaten and are satisfied, and have built good houses and lived in them,… then your heart will become proud and you will

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