Meet the inspiring Israeli Women Rabbis of the IMPJ

Women Rabbis are a relatively new phenomenon in the history of the Jewish people and only now are we beginning to reap the benefits and enjoy the tremendous contribution of female Rabbis to the development of the Jewish and Israeli communities.

It is not easy to be a women Rabbi in Israel. From the title that sometimes sounds strange to people [rabah in Hebrew], from the looks of astonishment and amazement that you are a woman in a traditional male role, to the rude and chauvinistic responses. Female Rabbis have to face a double challenge in Israeli society – as a Reform Jew and as a woman. At the same time, a woman Rabbi brings with her many opportunities for a fascinating and exciting human encounter, an opportunity to lead and create meaningful partnerships, and to lead change in Israeli society. The mere encounter with a female Rabbi raises a discourse and undermines the existing social order. For young women and girls, the encounter can be liberating and proves that Judaism is theirs too.

On International Women's Day, we invite you to meet with some of the inspiring women rabbis who lead Reform congregations around Israel and learn about their communities, their beliefs and dreams and their connections to world communities.


Rabbi Ada Zavidov

Rabbi Miri Gold

Rabbi Galit Cohen-Kedem

Rabbi Chen Tzfoni

Rabbi Rinat Safania-Schwartz 

Rabbi Ayala Ronen-Samuels

Rabbi Stacey Blank

Rabbi Ayala Shasoua-Miron

Rabbi Tamara Shifrin

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