Honoring Debbie Fridman
Israeli musician Or Oren arranged the music of Debbie Fridman to a five pieces classical suite.
31 January 2017, 4 Shevat, 5777
By Domim staff

The renowned Jewish musician, composer and singer Debbie Friedman׳s yahrzeit is today - the 4th of Shevat. Debbie died on January 9, 2011.

Debbie’s music still provides contemporary Jewish spirituality with music that gives worshippers their voice. 
Debbie had a passion for all genres of Jewish music, instrumental or vocal, that gave “voice” to the wonders of Jewish heritage and living.

We are happy to provide the first movement of the Debbie Friedman suite named 'Lechi Lach' of the 5 pieces classical arrangement by the Israeli musician Or Oren, that was launched and performed last May at the IMPJ BIENNIAL CONVENTION in Israel.

Today many of Debbie's songs are sung by people who have no idea who composed them, but who come back to them time and again for their beauty and depth.
We hope you will enjoy the attached piece and together with us remember and love Debbie's legacy.


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