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We invite you to enjoy our materials and use them in any of your programs and activities: Dvar Torah, Beit Midrash, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Adult Education Group, etc. 

All our materials add Israeli perspectives to the Jewish holidays and other events, or present texts concerning Israel-Diaspora relations.

The Israeli songs in our resources include lyrics in Hebrew, transliterated Hebrew, and English, as well as YOUTUBE links.


Year Cycle
Rosh Hashanah 
A collection of texts and songs for Rosh Hashanah, including Seder Simana Tova, symbols of goodness for the New Year
Yom Kippur
An Israeli interpretation of central prayers and motifs for Yom Kippur
Shalom Kita Alef -
Beginning the School Year
Israeli texts and songs for students and teachers on the first day of the school year
Confession of Virtues
An new Israeli interpretation to the Vidui prayer, which gives a positive perspective to the beating of the chest. 
Yizkor for PM Yitzhak Rabin
A special Yizkor, written just days after the assasination of Prime Minister Rabin in 1995
InLight coexistence project 
A collection of texts and songs from three religions relating to light and peace
Put out the Flames, Turn on the Lights

An article by Rabbi Gabbi Dagan

​ on ​the power of community at times of crisis​.​

10th of Tevet
An article by Rabbi Dr. Dalia Marx discussing innovative versions of the mourners’ Kaddish in the Kibbutz Movement
Winter Shiron 
A presentation of Hebrew songs, both for children and adults, dedicated to the cold season 
Tu Bishvat
A collection of Israeli texts and songs for Seder Tu Bishvat
When Adar Begins we increase our Joy
A shared learning experience between Kehilat Hashchar in Even Yehuda, Israel and Holly Blossom Temple in Toronto, Canada.
From Pesach to
Yom Ha'atzmaut
Stations of Israeli Culture along a Path from freedom to Independence. 
Yom Ha'atzmaut
A fascinating article by Rabbi Prof. Dalia Marx, discussing the history of the poem Tikvatenu, which was the inspiration for Ha'Tikvah - Israel's national anthem
Holocaust Remembrance Day 

See the IMPJ's unique website, which seeks to commemorate the children killed in the Holocaust by the collecting one and a half million drawings of butterflies


Havdalah Between Yom Ha’Zikaron

And Yom Ha’Atzmaut

Jerusalem Day - A Memorial for Ethiopian Olim 
Jerusalem Day has been declared the official memorial day for Ethiopian Jews who perished on their journey to Israel
Pride Shabbat 
Suggestions for a Shabbat service celebrating LGBTQ pride 
Year Round
Shiron for Arik Einstein 
A presentation of Hebrew songs, sung by one of Israel's most beloved and popular singers - Arik Einstein z"l
A Collection for Times of Pain and Fear
Following a painful period of terrorist attacks in the streets of Israel, this collection consists of texts, poems and prayers offering consolation and hope, by both Israeli and Arab writers
Service of Commemoration in memory of Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres Z"L (1923-2016) was one of the finest of Israel’s statesmen and builders; a man of vision and action, learned and a fighter, dedicated to protect and protector of the hope for peace.

Partnership Activities

A menu of optional joint activities and innovative ideas, for use by partnering congregations worldwide - revolving around the Hebrew calendar and holidays.

The Jewish Vote:
Political Power and Identity in US Elections
by Gil Troy

An important research paper published by The Ruderman Program for American Jewish Studies at the University of Haifa on The Political Power and Identity of the Jewish Vote in the US.

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