Our Vision

Strengthening Israel’s status among Diaspora communities while developing and deepening Diaspora Jewry’s bond with the State of Israel and the significance of Israeli leadership outside of Israel.

Our Mission Statement

Significantly strengthening and solidifying existing relationships between Reform community leadership in Israel and around the world, and establishing new relationships by initiating and applying new and ground-breaking models in the field.

Our Goals
  • To establish and support a diverse network of twinnings between the Reform grassroots in Israel (20 communities) and the Diaspora (80 communities), based around Jewish-community and educational content, with a focus on the Jewish calendar, Jewish life-cycle, etc.

  • To serve as a central axis for around 1,000 Reform leaders in the Diaspora and hundreds of thousands of liberal Jewish community members around the world.

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Beit Shmuel

6 Shama St.

Jerusalem, Israel

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