Sharpened Pencils:

Seventy Years of Israeli Cartoon

In Collaboration with The Israeli Cartoon Museum

There are no people who like political arguments like the Israelis. Everyone has an opinion, on every issue, and especially why the other's views are wrong or incorrect. Everyone who lives in Israel knows that there is not a day, or a week when we do not have countless important issues to discuss and argue about. 

In the past 70 years, the people who help us process these issues, both seriously and lightly, are the Israeli cartoonist. The cartoons they draw sharpen the issues in the public agenda, and summarize in one visual, hundreds of words of current affairs articles. It is a powerful, critical tool with a unique visual language that invites us to be partners in observing from different angles our current affairs, providing interpretation and expressing a position.

For the coming occasion of Israel's 70th anniversary, we share with you some of the cartoons we have been gathering - together with The Israeli Cartoon Museum - which will be exhibited in the near future on our designated website, alongside suggestion for study sessions.  








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