The Jewish Peoplehood Education Center

YACHDAV – The Jewish Peoplehood Education Center, is part of the IMPJ's Educational Departement.

We invite you to explore educational opportunities to strengthen the connections to Israel and Israelis, between Jewish communities, and to our common Jewish identity.
We offer a variety of Virtual Mifgash programs focusing on Jewish peoplehood curricula. The programs are modular and can be adapted to the changing needs of schools and congregations.


YACHDAV's Virtual Mifgash Programs aim to cultivate meaningful connections between Jewish students in Israel and the Diaspora.

The basis of these connections is in getting both groups in touch, through a mutual learning experience, with what they have in common – Jewish content and values – while at the same time giving them the opportunity to explore each group’s own unique identity as citizens of different cultures and countries.



See our programs for various age groups :



4-5th grade 
Ma’agalim (Circles): Virtual Mifgash Program seeks to impart the Jewish value of “Jewish Peoplehood/Klal Yisrael” through the unfolding theme of “Identity/Who Am I?” This topic highlights what both groups of students have in common as members of the Jewish People, as well as the differences between them.
6-7th grade 
Bar/Bat Mitzvah With Friends - A Shared Jewish Journey: The Jewish lifecycle includes a number of events that can facilitate a meaningful connection to the Jewish people. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah is one of these lifecycle events. This is a time when young adults declare, both to themselves and to their communities, they belong to the Jewish people.
Bar/Bat Mitvah
7-9th grade 
Yarok (Green) - is a partnership program between young people in Israel and the Diaspora that explores the tension between the unchanging, fixed laws of nature and human influence on the environment. As they jointly learn about sustainability, students in Israel and the Diaspora will build and foster a relationship with one another and develop a greater sense of belonging and obligation to the earth we all inhabit.

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