Domim, which in Hebrew means alike, is a new initiative created by cooperation between the Israeli Reform Movement (IMPRJ) and the Israeli Government.


Our main goal is to strengthen the relations between liberal and Reform leaders in Israel and around the world.


Domim-aLike is an umbrella organization that creates and oversees the map of partnerships between Israeli and world Reform congregations by publishing educational and communal resources, enabling face-to-face encounters, and creating new media platforms for connections.

How does it work?

What do we offer?


  • Matching your congregation with an Israeli Reform community, according to your needs and desires.

  • Supporting grassroots twinning initiatives by providing micro-funds, developing materials, and more.

  • Periodic educational and communal resources and activities to bring Israel closer to the overseas partners.

What is your role?

In order to join Domim-aLike the partners should have:


  • Ongoing dialogue between the communal leadership.


  • Periodic community updates in each other's newsletter.


  • Joint Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Beit Midrash programs - by Skype, webinars, etc.


  • Face-to-face meetings. 


  • Ongoing discussion of the enhancement of the partnership, guided by the Domim-aLike staff.


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Beit Shmuel

6 Shama St.

Jerusalem, Israel

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